CRYOVAL standby team has the goal to provide the members with the best available standby, stabilization and transport services. Through the cooperation with professional partners, the member is guaranteed a high-class service. The cooperation with our external partners is of great importance, because time plays a crucial role in the cryonic treatment, which starts just after clinical death has been pronounced. As soon as the condition of the patient gets worse and it is expected that clinical death will occur, the standby team needs to be activated!

Standby means that the standby team waits near the bedside of the patient until the physician pronounces clinical death. The standby team must be informed at all times and in advance about the health condition of the patient. Stabilization means fast cooling, administering and circulating of anticoagulants and the replacement of blood with a cell preserving substitute. Once the procedure is finished, the mortician will arrange and coordinate air transport of the patient to the US at -79°C on dry ice and will make sure that the patient will be picked up at the airport by employees of the cryonics provider.