The service of the CRYOVAL standby team can only be used by members. Everyone who has a contract for standby services with CRYOVAL can become a member free of charge. The member is then entitled to all privileges of the standby services.


The planning for cryopreservation services and standby services must be made in advance. It is up to the member to first sign up for cryopreservation services with a cryonics provider or to first sign up for standby services with CRYOVAL standby team. Both cases require financial arrangements to be made prior to sign-up.


The costs for standby services only apply, when the patient needs the services. The costs for standby services, which include the transport to the US are for patients in Germany one-time 15.000 EUR. There are additional costs of 2.000 EUR for all European patients outside of Germany and 5.000 EUR for patients outside of Europe, because there are additional expenses and costs for the standby team.

The payment for standby services can be made in advance or in form of installments. Many cryonicists arrange to have their cryopreservation and standby services paid for by risk life insurance, which names the cryonics provider and/or the standby team the beneficiary in case of legal death. This form of payment is especially attractive for healthy people, because fees are lower. Alternative payment methods are possible, but must be reviewed and agreed to by the standby team.


If you are interested in membership, please fill out the membership application form and send it to the CRYOVAL standby team. The standby team will provide you with further infos and contract for standby services. Download the membership application form here: Membership Application (PDF).