CRYOVAL is the first standby provider to offer worldwide standby services for clients of cryonics service providers. The standby team works together with partners such as morticians, embalmers, physicians and helpers. The services are for members, who already have a cryopreservation contract or who plan to sign up with a cryonics provider.

CRYOVAL is able to reach members in most parts of the world through a very well developed network of cooperation partners on three continents and to carry out standby, stabilization and transport to one of the cryonics institutes. The standby team can help the member to get in touch with the cryonics provider and to make cryopreservation arrangements.

Standby services are a critically important part of the successful cryonic treatment, because minutes after cardiac arrest brain damage can occur, if cooling of the patient is not fast enough. If the patient receives fast standby, the structure of the brain and the arrangement of nerve cells will be preserved, which are relevant for the long-term memory and personality of the patient. Therefore the standby team needs to be activated as soon as possible in an emergency case!

The patient can only receive a successful cryopreservation in combination with appropriate standby services!