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Everything you need to know about cryopreservation services and standby services.

What is Cryonics?

Cryonics is a form of an emergency service for the case that todays medicine has given up on the patient and can't help him anymore. The patient will be prepared and then preserved and stored at very low temperatures. Cryonics follows the goal that future medicine will repair cellular damage with new technology and give new health to the patient.

Today tissue samples and smaller organs are cryopreserved, rewarmed and afterwards transplanted with full functionality. A new procedure is called vitrification, where all of the body fluids turn into a glass-like state and ice crystal formation is prevented, which enables cellular structure preservation.

At present leading cryobiologists and scientists are working at the "Organ Preservation Alliance" on the cryopreservation and transplantation of human organs with very promising results. The research at the "Organ Preservation Alliance" is sponsored among others by the US administration and Stanford University.

Which Cryonics provider should I choose?

The two largest cryonics providers are located in the US in Michigan and in Arizona. Both providers are non-profit organizations with a few thousand members worldwide and a few hundred members in cryostasis.

The long-term storage costs are between 30.000 EUR und 200.000 EUR, at which the cheaper option is often the more attractive one for Europeans, because the institute in Michigan does not charge any additional fees for European members. There are many additional things that need to be considered and paid attention to when making arrangements for cryopreservation services. CRYOVAL standby team helps with planning and gives advice for each individual case.

More information (in English):
Cryonics Institue in Michigan:
ALCOR Life Extension Foundation in Arizona:

What does the standby team do?

CRYOVAL standby team provides standby services (standby, stabilization and transport) and works together with external partners for the best service possible. The standby team has 24h alarm readiness in emergency cases and can be activated under the 24h emergency number!

After legal declaration of death, the patient will be cooled with crushed ice and ice cold water in a specially designed ice-bath and anticoagulants are administered and circulated. The patient will then be connected to an extracorporeal bypass with a heart-lung machine and the blood will be replaced with a cell preserving substitute, which has been developed by one of the cryonics providers.

The heart-lung machine replaces the function of the lung and heart and cells will be oxygenated and kept alive. This complex procedure can take up to 2 hours. After this procedure the patient is further cooled down and prepared for transport at dry ice temperature at -79°C to the US.

What does standby services cost?

The service of the CRYOVAL standby team can be used by members and the costs for standby services, which include the transport to the US, are for patients in Germany one-time 15.000 EUR. There are additional costs of 2.000 EUR for all European patients outside of Germany and 5.000 EUR for patients outside of Europe, because there are additional expenses and costs like for example travelling costs for the standby team.

The payment for standby services can be made in advance or in form of installments. If the member is in good health, the payment can be made by proceeds of a risk life insurance policy for as low as 20 EUR per month! It is therefore important to make arrangements as soon as possible!

Many cryonicists use this form of payment plan, especially when they don't have any wealth accumulated. If you don't have any experience with life insurance, please contact the standby team before! The standby team also accepts alternative forms of payment!

What about standby services for pets?

CRYOVAL standby team services are also available for pets (dogs, cats etc.). The standby team works together with a veterinary, who has experience in working with animals and knows how to perfuse the animal!

The costs for standby services for dogs and cats up to 7 kg including transport on dry ice temperature to the US are 3.000 EUR. Every additional kilogram will be charged with 200 EUR. There are additional costs of 1.500 EUR for all pets outside of Germany! The payment for standby services can be made in advance or in form of installments! Alternative payment methods are possible! If you prefer an alternative payment method, please contact the standby team for further details!

If the animal has already deanimated, place bags with ice cold water around the animal and at first around the head! Please make sure that the ice bags stay cold and activate the standby team immediately!

Why is Cryonics the better option?

Cryonics is often seen as the only possible chance, because there's nothing to loose. The chances for success are higher than with other burial forms and with rapid technological and medical progress, cryonics becomes more and more popular and is supported by renowned scientists worldwide.

Cryonicists see death as a process and not an event. The definition of the time when someone is declared dead, is shifting more and more. The cardiac death criterion has been replaced by brain death after the introduction of the heart-lung machine. Nowadays someone is declared dead, when no more brain activity can be measured!

Cryonicists believe that someone is only dead, when the structures in his brain are inevitably destroyed, which is only the case after days! The thesis is supported by current research results and for cryonicists it's not a question if, but when the chances for success will be completely fulfilled!