Critical Condition

If the patient is in a critical condition, immediately activate the standby team! All documents that confirm the wish of the patient for cryopreservation like the cryopreservation contract, standby services contract, advance medical directive etc. must be accessible at all times! The physician should be informed about the patient's wishes and should notice the urgency of time!

Clinical Death

Before the physician declares legal death and signs the death certificate, the standby team must be immediately activated! If the physician has already signed the death certificate, the patient must be cooled rapidly! Place bags with crushed ice around the head of the patient! If possible cover the whole body with crushed ice! If crushed ice is not available, use bags with ice cold water!

Last-Minute Case

It's never too early to plan for standby services, but it can be often too late, because in a last-minute case a patient without a contract can't use the services easily! The cryonics providers don't accept last-minute cases without further conditions! If there is a last-minute case, the next of kin or an authorized person must make sure that the patient's wishes will be carried out! The costs for standby services and cryopreservation services must be paid in advance, before the patient can be accepted!

24h Emergency number:
01525 - 585 66 47 (from Germany)
00 (49) - 1525 585 66 47 (outside of Germany)