CRYOVAL standby team was founded with the goal to inform the public in Germany and abroad about cryonics, to help with the planning process and to be there for the member and support him with a strong network of partners when the need arises and help is needed. The safeguarding of standby services is the most important goal, because in emergency situations every minute counts.

CRYOVAL standby team can help the member to contact the cryonics providers in the US and help to make cryopreservation arrangements. CRYOVAL standby team works with physicians, morticians, embalmers and helpers and cooperates with a funeral home. An international survey in the year 2015 gave the result that at least 22% of all Germans have plans or can imagine to make arrangements for cryopreservation services for themselves or for their relatives. Similar results have been evaluated abroad. Most of the members of the standby team have a contract with an US cryonics provider and can provide useful informations such as translated contracts. CRYOVAL standby team helps and gives planning advice.